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be disclosed to the public. in light of the shooting yesterday at los angeles international airport, the first 45 minutes this morning we want to get your thoughts on the overall topic of airport security. not only what was demonstrated yesterday, if there is a need of increase in security from the federal government or if there are other ways to make the airports safer. here is how you can comment -- you can send us a tweet at c- cspanwj,-- @, or you can send us an e-mail at here is the headline from "the los angeles times" this morning -- a 23-year-old native from new jersey who lives in los angeles. there is a larger story when it comes to the topic of airport security. this is from "the wall street journal" -- your thoughts on airport security and if you think changes need to be made in light of what happened yesterday at los angeles international airport. we divided the lines regionally. if you live in an eastern or central time zone -- again, tweets are available, post on our facebook page, and send us an e-mail. withresident was briefing the iraq h
function but we need examine what happened in los angeles. >> do you think it's fair to say that the anger behind the the nment was behind attack. >> this is one of the things that they're going to try to part of the been investigation. preliminary things are learning. hey have been reported but we have to have a full understanding of the person we now have in custody to the motives -- what the motives might have been. hatever the motives, i doesn't justify what occurred, the brave tsa agent who was killed. no others who were injured feelings about the government justify those kinds of actions. trial in ed to go to three weeks over that -- airlines and united airways. how likely is it that you will case before it starts to trial? what are the status of the negotiations? is a matter that with the en in touch industry -- the airlines we sued. we expressed concerns about the reduction of competition that the merger would potentially impose. i'm not going go into any detail with regard to the discussions that we are engaging in. will say that they are ongoing. tried to focus son to make sure
in places like new york or los angeles or other big media markets, there are rules that prohibit big media companies from owning too many media outlets across media, for example, newspapers, television stations, etc. working tocurrently rue m the media ownership les. of course a lot of the big media theanies advocate relaxing restrictions so they are able to own more outlets in a given market. but members of the public interest community after detroit -- have traditionally argued for what is referred to as diversity or localism, more local, independent stations. so there really is a tension. so, yes, that will be a big issue for chairman wheeler for sure. >> another issue that he discussed as his confirmation hearing was on fcc processes. here is a little bit of the new chairman. [video clip] >> there are sony components of components of the effect of the option that you have to say the auction is a top priority. i havea more mega-scale, spent a lot of time dealing with the fcc in my life. agencymportant that the make decisions and make decisions in a timely fashion. there is nothing worse
was overburdened. one woman in los angeles had to cover a people a day -- eight people a day. if you have driven around los angeles, that is not easy to do. the people doing the vetting, obviously in the case of snowden, he slipped through the cracks. when you use contractors, there may be a tendency to use contractors to that the contractors. to vet the contractors. it's a tempting idea to get outside people. i am not sure it's working very well. host: we have a couple of minutes left. he wrote exclusive story for "smithsonian." a soviet spy had tipped off the fbi agency and set off with david weiss calls the most self- destructive investigation in fbi history. barry, massachusetts. hi, barry. caller: with the thousands of witnesses, architects, engineers, explosive experts that have come out providing evidence that the 9/11 commission is more fiction than fact, why haven't the public figures come out and demanded a new investigation because this is not opinion. it is physics. it is scientific fact that we are being lied to. guest: have you looked -- host: have you looked into the 9/11 attacks
security issues. drew -- rafael garcia. he is in charge of the intelligence division in los angeles. we are glad george can present the fbi tonight. he has worked in various capacities with the fbi since 1990 five, focusing on intelligence, counterterrorism, and weapons of mass destruction. his work has taken him to fort hoover in washington at fbi headquarters, but also has been the fbi's deputy on scene commander in iraq. he was an army veteran before that. next to him is ambassador me,ron mitchell -- excuse cameron munter. was ambassador to pakistan from 2010 22012. he will have many hair-raising stories about that relationship in a time when u.s. pakistani ,elations were not easy including the capture and killing of osama bin laden. before that he had an easy assignment in baghdad for he had responsibility for overseeing the drawdown of u.s. troops. before that he was ambassador to serbia, to be the chief and admission in the czech republic and poland. he is also served in the national security council under clinton, bush, and other departments. who but not least is peter is a senio
like to mention, andrew, who i hope i get to meet. i mention them all the time. he is from los angeles. was frustrated and spent some 300 -- three hours trying to navigate the website him in california and was not pleased he had to wait three hours. after three hours, he ended up saving $6,000. while no one should have to wait three hours to find out if they will qualify for quality affordable health care, everyone wants to save $6,000 and that is why we're here. we want americans to save money on health insurance and we want the millions of americans who could never say they could afford to buy health insurance let alone save money, have access to the doctors and hospitals, so important for their children and themselves. we are here to say we will do everything we can to make our health security law work and work well. is an opportunity to improve it, we will work with the president and our colleagues in congress to make that happen. understand speaker banner the bill theed house republican majority will put him a floor of the house tomorrow is not for the purpose of improving the new
on a non-political terrorist. for example, the navy yard shooting. and this month, the los angeles airport. and then of course we have the lone wolfs going all the way back, if you will, to 1968 wins rhanhogs iran -- when si sirhan assassinated bob kennedy because he was motivated by anti-israel sentiment at the time. also, all of us remember the who bomber -- unabomber conducted a campaign for many years. --the radicalized technological society at the time. all remember what happened in oklahoma city, 1995. the attack on the federal building when 168 people were killed and 800 wounded. course, the most recent, the fort hood shooting, that nidal malik hasan perpetrated at the time. so again, when we talk about the lone wolf, the individual acting on his or her own, -- incidentally, we do have an increasing number of women who are involved. we can look at the nonpolitical motivation and then we the political motivation. fundamentally, i think what we are going to discuss today are basically the two sides that we have to consider. but mostly the political side. we can spend a semester at l
like bone up the los angeles times or schools or carried out one act or blown up backpacks in olympic park in atlanta. has to do with islam. it had precious little to do with anything other than their own bias or concern at that point in time. regrettably, we are not in a the guy who gets drunk and looks for his keys under the light at the street. finally, one of the points i would make is i remain concerned and ambivalent and not terrifically happy when i hear metadata and it is not protected. is canond question society survive? the third question to ask is society can survive almost limitless numbers of lone bomber attacks. if you do not believe we can do it then look at what happens in down 10 -- downtown baghdad every day. -- if that level of carnage were played at the united states, we would all be hiding in our basements. is ifncern i would have we are going to pursue perfect security and perfect protection maximize our and ability to look at every clip on the internet as a way to look for that person who might be a radical or radical environmentalist or antiabortion or might no
is rafael garcia. he is a special agent in charge of intelligence at the f.b.i. n los angeles. mr. bill lewis was unable to participate and we're glad that george can represent the f.b.i. tonight. he is working various capacities since 199 5, focusing on terrorism and weapons of mass destruction. his work has taken him to what we call fort hoover in washington. f.b.i. headquarters and also has been the f.b.i.'s deputy on-scene commander in iraq. he was an army veteran before that. next to him is ambassador cameron mitchell -- sorry, cameron munter. cameron mitchell is somebody else. sorry. [laughter] not to be confused. i apologize. he is a retired career diplomat. a professor at international relations at pamona college. the ambassador to pakistan. therefore will have many hair-raising stories about that relationship in a period when u.s.-pakistani relations were, shall we say, not easy, including the capture and killing of osama bin laden. before that, he had an easy assignment in baghdad where he had responsibility for overseeing the planning for the drawdown of u.s. troops. before t
from los angeles, california, 34 years old, lives in -- as i said, in my city of los angeles, had to wait three hours to enroll. $6,000 savings. let's improve this plan. let's not destroy it. it's time to move forward to give americas what they need, health security. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas. mr. burgess: reserve my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from colorado. mr. polis: require if the gentleman has any remaining speakers. mr. burgess: i'm always here so i remain as a speaker but it will just be me. mr. polis: you're prepared to close? mr. burgess: absolutely. mr. polis: i yield myself the balance of the time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for the remaining time which is 90 seconds. mr. polis: i'll offer an amendment to the rule in a will allows americans to keep their insurance if they like it. mr. speaker, i ask unanimous consent to insert the text of the amendment in the record, along with extraneous material immediately prior to the vote on the previous question. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. poli
that names could be disclosed to the public. in light of the shooting yesterday at los angeles international airport, the first 45 minutes this morning we want to get your
did not do what the government expected. in los angeles there was the public disorder and intelligence division that compiled information and used it for political purposes. information that is collected for law enforcement and security purposes is often used on political groups. >> if i could provide some perspective. the fbi operates through mandates that are codified in statute laws written by our congress and signed by the president into law. that process has produced, appropriately and necessarily, oversight, not just in the executive branch of government itself. the department of justice is obviously in the fbi as well. but also with the congress and through the court system and the judicial branch. that is to make sure that they and and day out, the work we are doing -- day in and day out, the work we are doing is representing the people of the united states and is what is required at that point in time. they have an expectation that we use those tools. they have an eagle expectation that we balance the use of those tools -- equal expectation that we balance the use of those too
back if you want to. the numbers are on the screen. anthony is in los angeles. caller: hi. i remember when i was a child, i is only 2 1/2 years old, and was standing with my mom and father, and i was a little child, so i do not know what was going on. andother fell to her knees both parents started weeping uncontrollably. it was not until years later with what had happened, and it they said the president was shot and killed. host: did your parents ever talk about that after they saved a scrapbook of some of the headlines and things like that afterward? somber andy were quiet about it, and it was a wasry from a child, when i a child. i finally asked them, put two and two together, and my mother started crying again. host: in your own life, what are those moments where you cannot forget where you were, 9/11 for a lot of people? is that the top of your list? caller: exactly, those are definitely moments that are in my psyche and will be with me the rest of my life. host: let's go to ohio, this is russell. caller: hi. i was born six days before kennedy was assassinated, and i remembered,
on international affairs in los angeles. but his main expertise is centered on iran and the middle ast. i'm delighted that he has taken he time to come today and talk to us about some of the critical issues of the moment. > can you hear me? i'm not sure i need a mic. if you can hear me, let me know. i really want to say thank you to paul for inviting me to speak. he is my pal from 30 years -- some 30 years. he is also an extraordinary distinguished expert on the middle east and frankly patriotic american. he disappeared for seven years working for uncle sam in northern virginia and doing important sorts of work. we have been friends for a long ime. his knowledge is remarkable. an expert as someone from out of town -- i'm sitting at this table. i'm talking to congress in berkeley. member of the house foreign relations committee and the middle east subcommittee. when you get face time with someone of that level of exposure back in washington, it is something to be treasured. just came back from iran two days ago. you want to talk to someone about iran, he is the one to talk to. finally, a p
of state to seek the white house. that is the story in "the lost angeles -- the los angeles times. in october she gave her strongest indication to date that she is considering another white house bid. that is the story in "the -- in "the los angeles times." we would go to debbie in washington. do you think this is something democrat should be concerned about in 2014? caller: i don't. i was on the individual market. 740 seven dollars per month for health insurance. i was upset because the me reallycompany gave crappy options. so i got on the website and i -- before i had $5,000 in deductibles. they would not pay for anything until i spent $5,000. -- $747 paying $747,000 per month. 70% of everything. it is $29 per month cheaper. it cutstax rebate and it down $200. paying $398 per does it say to you that democrats up for reelection in 2014 are reintroducing legislation to delay parts of the health-care law? picture of jeanne shaheen. why aren't people telling the story e there are lots of people like me, i'm sure, who are on the individual market. i did not think i was going
with us. we want to turn to paul richter at the los angeles times joining us to talk about iran's nuclear talks. thank you. it has been reported that nuclear talks with iran failed to reach an agreement. how did the fallout happen? there were rising expectations that the seven countries have met in geneva at the end of last week, it seemed like a deal was within reach. ians, the british said so. there was turbulence at the end on saturday, the french foreign minister laurent fabius gave a radio interview and said he had problems with the draft of an agreement being circulated. he said he wanted more limits on a heavy water reactor that the iranians are developing. ofwanted firmer disposition medium enriched uranium that iran has. by late saturday night, it looks powers, including the u.s., the europeans, china, and russia, had agreed generally on approach. but iran could not sign off on it. the iranian team said they needed to go back to rouhani -- to tehran and get clearance for a deal. some diplomats are saying that one obstacle was that iran wanted an exclusive commitment from the six
is famous, pebble beach. and then you get down to los angeles, and the two great harbors of america side by side together form the largest harbor system in this nation and you can argue whether it's the largest in the world. the port of los angeles, represented by congresswoman hahn and port of long beach, side by side there in the los angeles area, long beach represented by mr. lowenthal. those ports are one of the major engines of international trade and economic growth. and from those ports, those great cargos move on the railway harborsghways and other in orange county and great harbor of san diego, which is important for the military. any time you happen to get to san diego, you will see the aircraft car years there from the u.s. navy and other critical equipment and ships of the u.s. navy. all of that is important. but here in my district -- i'm oing to put up another map dch and this is where i really get involved. this is a map of obvious san francisco bay here with harbor of san francisco, port of san francisco, the port of oakland and the contracosta coast but as delta. into th
of international engagement in a credible and reliable manner. interestingly, mr. speaker, the los angeles less times just reported that several of the 14 new states, united nations human rights council are widely considered to be human rights -- by human rights advocates as violates of personal freedoms. the new countries elected to the human rights council are russia, china, cuba, saudi arabia, algeria and vietnam. again, considered to be by human rights advocates as violators of personal freedoms. in view of this development, it concerns me that our own administration has downgraded the status of the state department's ambassador-at-large for religious freedom. this is an important position. it is a reflection of who we are as a nation. also, the position of the special envoy to monitor and combat anti-semitism remains unfilled in our government as well. i would like to see us elevate the principle of religious freedom as a core measure of civil society and diplomatic intent, institutionalizing this is a priority with the department of state and building upon the very commendable work of our
friend, the chief barbarian handler in the chinese military, that you won't trade los angeles for taipei. that, i think, in many ways is the central role of limited missile defenses that are practice call. as to why -- i don't know how many reames of good will and paper have been spent on trying to convince the russians that we would like nothing better than to do things which really no kidding, cross our hearts, hope to die, will demonstrate the unsurprisingly, maybe a few hundred intercepter missiles, will not defeat thousands of russian ones, and you usually get a variation on no or no follow-up by colorful adjectives. >> maybe they'll change. >> general cartwright, follow on the point about demonstrating capacity and political will of the alliance to deal with the directs challenges of today and tomorrow. you talked about mobility, increased mobility of allied forces. i have the sense that increased mobility could be dmop straited for expedition their operations, but i really wonder if the alliance is properly configuredded today and positioned today to deal with fast breaking consti
their debate, look for coverage on c-span two this morning. lori, los angeles, hello. i have a question to ask the representative. strongly about social security, medicare, and medicaid. my husband has cancer and epilepsy. if you cut social security, medicare, medicaid, my husband would literally die. first, know that many discussions on that deal with future programs and what they would look like. we would not do anything to harm you or your husband right now. that. there about are some changes that can be made and need to be made to preserve it for the future. with the money in these funds scheduled to run out, depending on the program you are talking about, the three years for social security disability, 10 years for medicare part a, social security is more like 20 years, it is time and it is prudent to take steps to preserve them. we cannot just keep kicking the can down the road, but people need to rest assured whether you are a senior citizen or a person on disability or social security or medicare that the people here as we have these discussions are going to be very, very conscience of
of the nation's top hospitals, including the mayo clinic in minnesota, cedar sinai in los angeles, and children's hospitals in seattle, houston, st. louis are cut out of most plans sold on the exchange. in most cases the decision was about the cost of care. here's how obamacare is hurting one family. in seattle, the region's predominant insurer, premiere blue cross, decided not to include the children's hospital as an in network provider, except in cases where the service sought cannot be obtained anywhere else. children's nonunique services were too expensive given the goal of providing affordable coverage for consumers. the spokesman said in an email. which brings up the point, the president wants to provide everybody health insurance, and some of us, like me, were more concerned with getting them quality health care that was affordable. all this talk about insurance, insurance, insurance. the bigger more important question should have been can we get them health care they can afford? one of the biggest promises was, it will lower most everybody's cost. it turns out that was not true at all.
but something we need to examine given what happened in los angeles. >> would you say there is a sort of anger at the government that was behind this? >> that is one thing we have to determine is part of the investigation. there have been some plumber larry things we have learned. -- there have been some pulmonary things we have learned. we have to get a full picture of the manning custody of understand what his motive might have been. it certainly does not justify the killing of a brave tsa injured or others who were injured. no feelings of the government could possibly justify these kinds of actions. >> you are scheduled to go to trial interior weeks over the the merger of american airlines and united. how will you settle this and what are the expectations? >> this is a matter that we have been in touch with the industry, with the airlines that and express concerns about the potential reduction in competition that a merger would potentially impose. i'm not going into any detail of the discussions that we are engaging in but i will say that they are ongoing. what we have tried to focus on
rarely see mrs. kennedy. present at the democratic national convention in los angeles. because of the difficulties --ween her 1956 presidency pregnancy, did mrs. kennedy feel she could not bear losing another baby? >> she had a terrible record in her pregnancy. she had lost a baby to miscarriage in 1965, then as this person points out, she lost a stillborn little girl in 1956, right after that very hot, not air-conditioned -- so she was really just afraid to go. i think what this person is referring to is from april onward in 1960 she did tend to stay at home, though she did go with the future president, president of be, to a parade in october 1960 through manhattan, the canyons of manhattan. she was definitely with child. the child would be john junior. a sense ofys had humor. bradley also has -- have a wife was with child. right after the election was one in hyannisport, he said to the two women, you can take the pillows out, we have one. -- won. >> what role did she play? we talked about -- at what point did john kennedy realized he had a political asset? paris inhey went to
on the alliance website after you get out of here. >> thank you, ed. .. >> i live in west los angeles where it's not only important to look healthy, you have to look good as well. [laughter] so one of the striking features was that a free-standing surgical center in 90210, just around the corner from the gucci store, in fact, was a total price of $3500 for the cataract whereas the two largest west los angeles facilities -- one an academic institution and the other a very large community hospital -- the academic institution was about 6,000, the large community hospital was 11,000. for me as a individual who paid a 20% coinsurance, the benefit was direct to me in the sense that the coinsurance on the 3500 saved me 2-$3,000 out of pocket and it also saved them money in the sense that they paid the 3500 and not the expanded fee. so i'm telling you this because my experience, although it was relevant for me, doesn't make much of a dent in these two high-priced institutions, and it didn't save that much money for anthem. but now what we're seeing unfolding and what you've heard today from kroger and
of the los angeles marine corps reserve unit, collected and distributed 5,000 toys to needy children. since the program's adoption nationally, as toys for tots in 1948, the u.s. marine corps reserved toys for tots program has collected and distributed close to 500 million toys. monday, i had the honor of attending the center county toys for tots kickoff breakfast chaired by retired marine major. 2013 marks the 7th center county toys for tots campaign, organized by the nitly leather next attachment 302. about 350 collection points around center county will accept toys from infants to teenagers until december 15. this program has grown with the support of area food banks, fire departments, businesses and hundreds of local volunteers. . mr. speaker, over the past 10 years marines have distributed an annual average of 15 million toys per year. bringing toys to an average of more than 6.3 million less fortunate children each year. we thank you in more ways than one every day, marines. and i thank you for supporting these children in need. thank you, mr. speaker. i yield back the balance of my ti
" meanwhile, "the los angeles times" commenting on jerry brown seeking an unprecedented fourth term. he has solid approval ratings and a small number of challenges who are virtually unknown. the governor deflecting a question a public event third i'm aware that in november of next year there will be an election and i will be sure i will make some decision regarding that. the long term governor of california who was first elected back in 1974 and went on to serve as the mayor of oakland california and serve in other capacities. he also ran for president. the deadline for filing his next march. fromis joining us fairview, tennessee. independent line. trust him can really and hillary, the blood thirsty bimbo of benghazi, foremost fraud of fast and furious, a man who went to war with libya without even consulting with congress. he is known in history as a great constitutional shredder. he could show good faith by going over to iran and groveling at their feet like he did at the king of saudi arabia. host: the associated press for some background stars and just what led to this agreement. announ
in the central valley and i like to go the los angeles to visit my family and in bakersfield we have to get out and ride a bus. it takes the fun out of it. i would love to take the trains over the mountains to union station. guest: it certainly would be nice to add a lot of routes, a lot of extensions to amtrak weird -- amtrak. but it all comes down to the availability of funds. host: another issue on the table. onthe worst happened september 11, 2009 -- 2001, as were used airplanes as missiles. how are rails a secure and what protection do we have against terrorism? guest: i am not able to speak specifically and i do not work for amtrak and i am not privy to what is going on. what one could certainly google security and amtrak. i know from talking with amtrak officials, they certainly take it very seriously. but security is really not my area. host: david from new brunswick, new jersey. good morning. caller: first of all, peace to the world. i must say that if the budget of the pentagon was scrutinized the way the amtrak budget is scrutinized, we would not have any problems with excess money.
on international affairs in los angeles. but his main expertise is centered on iran and the middle east. i'm delighted that he has taken the time to come today and talk to us about some of the critical issues of the moment. [applause] >> can you hear me? i'm not sure i need a mic. if you can hear me, let me know. paul forwant to thank inviting me to speak. he is my pal from 30 years -- some 30 years. he is also an extraordinary distinguish -- not only expert on the middle east but frankly a patriotic american who after 9/11 kind of disappeared for seven years working for uncle sam in northern virginia doing important sorts of work. we have been friends for a long time. his knowledge is remarkable. i've got to say -- they always say an expert is someone from out of town. i have to acknowledge -- i'm sitting at this table. i'm talking to congressman berkley, member of the house foreign relations committee and middle east subcommittee. when you get face time with someone of that level of exposure back in washington, it is something to be treasured. dr. -- who just came back from iran two days
reminded me of the story of her dad who started a family business with one motel out in los angeles. she went on to spansion cisco and it grew to six and now everyone knows -- san francisco and it grew to six and everyone knows the hyatt. andre so proud of penny glad she's stepping back from the private sector to give us the energy and dynamics that we need. her leadership of select usa is one of the reasons that this effort has the potential to grow our country and to grow all of yours for those of you who are here and visiting from so many other countries. we welcome you here. this in the biggest reason select usa will make a difference is frankly, all of you. a group of very capable business leaders, people who are hungry, who understand the dynamics of the marketplace and to our ambitious and come here with a vision for nearly 60 countries around the world and from all across the united states. i said in my confirmation hearing when i was selected to icome secretary of state, said to the senators and former colleagues that in many ways, foreign-policy today is economic policy. leader
. that activity going on with the headquarters. denise joins us from los angeles on the republican line. go ahead. caller: eyes for taking my call. -- thanks for taking my call. i want to say how encouraged i am that ken cuccinelli is making such a great showing. we hope he can pull it off at the last minute. campaigning in this war on women , these tired, playbook rhetoric . please don't let this happen to the people of virginia. that by itself is an encouragement from the rest of the country that people can actually think and look at the pictures -- and make an intelligent decision. activity ands some and gettingting some attention at the ken cuccinelli headquarters. that is likely to delay any start of her marks from the attorney general. we are following your comments. #c-spanchat. next call is phyllis this evening from lagrange, illinois, on the independent line. caller: he is not just a republican but an all-american boy. i would like to see him run for president. believe it or not, dennis kucinich. that would be a wowie. we have to take ourselves back. he is a good honest man and so is den
you're a schlomo six pack sitting in tel aviv or in riyadh. he was living in los angeles, we nuked, he won't even let us stay in his guest room. i understand that. i really do. i believe in our form of government, i have some trust in the elected officials, maybe than angela merkel does than others. this is a serious issue the government has been involved in since day one. the first set of negotiations in well. went very wendy sherman who was leading our negotiating team didn't details.any he iranians showed up with a detailed power point presentation. this wasn't ahmadinejad clowning around. showed up with some serious suggestions and everybody walked way from the meeting feeling that this was time well spent. in both countries, this, again, is going to be interesting. they're going be naysayers in countries. there are people in congress say, aha, see, the sanctions are working. it squeezed iran into compliance. up the sanctions, got them on the ropes, they're on the run. sanctions more. wendy sherman, again, the person from the state department the negotiations said she does not beli
partners. >> we have time for one more question. >> los angeles times, your line is open. >> thanks very much for taking the call. think onlytary, i about a third of the people who are being -- deemed eligible to buy products on the market places would qualify for subsidies. i wonder if that is different than what you had anticipated and is that a cause for concern that presumably those people may be paying higher prices and are less likely to actually buy a plan as the december 15 date approaches. >> what we may be seeing are people who probably had insurance coverage before in or ifay, shape, or form, they did not find it to be choices they have never had before, and they are likely to be first in the door. for some of the uninsured and lower income underinsured, we still have outreach and education efforts to go. a lot of what our folks tell me on the ground is that as they ,alk to potential consumers some have a pretty low financial literacy and are going to take several steps before they really come into the market. but i don't find it is urging at this point that people have gone t
goodness she wasn't in los angeles. >> yeah. >> but to have to go through that yet again. yes, they had been close. >> how concerned was she about security for herself and her children after -- >> terribly concerned after that. she supposedly said if they're killing kennedys, my children could be next. financial and physical security became so important to her. that was probably part of the attraction to mr. onassis. >> four months after rfk's death, she married. >> what happened? >> she was pulled off of the pedestal. people were outraged. many were outraged she would marry anyone at all rather than be an eternal widow, but particularly to marry someone who was this much older, not an american, and who was under some suspicion by the united states government, some of the financial activities. >> do we know that it was a happy relationship? >> i think of something her sister said not too many years ago about someone saying how could she have been attracted to such a man after being married to jack kennedy. her sister said, by the way, who had also had a romance with him prior to her sis
as a tea party group in may of 2009 here in los angeles. born from the tax burdens from within the american recovery and reinvestment act. a government too big makes each citizen small, we thought. the first amendment would offer a platform for us to speak politically. but we were wrong. our government unsheathed its sword, the i.r.s. the i.r.s. did what tirne does, threaten and control. the questionnaire sent to us were consuming but their intent to test our resolve. but liberty prefers to stand and to be heard. we held more than 85 events in two grires donations drop and costs rose. we could afford fewer speakers, rallies and handouts. in july, 2012, we withdrew our application for tax exemplet status but the i.r.s. after 20 months of delays and read tape. we must now pay nonprofit taxes in california, the minimum is $800 annually. we have little money but more people. on june 4, 2014, the ways and means committee heard our voice. ow our voice is stronger and more here. here's their letter. on june 4, 2013, we told our story to the ways and means committee. we did not plead the fifth. we
that have recorded higher concentration levels than the worst pollution days in downtown los angeles. fortunately, there are already control technologies available to minimize air pollution and operations. if the oil and gas companies would use just some of the money that they spend on lobbying and on marketing and on all the wonderful advertising that they are doing on our airwaves in colorado and instead upgrade their facilities to recapture methane, i think we could actually see some progress on this issue. i urge my colleagues to support this amendment with when it it comes up for consideration later in the afternoon. mr. speaker, the american people are calling for real solutions in congress. the people of the second congressional district are for an all-of-the-above approach to energy. we are for solar, wind, we are for oil, we are for gas. we are for hydro. we want to make them all work. but just as there would be a zoning process around creating a windmill in a residential neighborhood that's 100 feet tall right near your home, there should be a zoning process around the extr
-- emphasema. at times, this rivals the air quality of bad days in los angeles, areas in pennsylvania. a more climate-friendly energy source, natural gas, which is mostly methane, leaks at every stage of the production. not just in the groundwater and hence into drinking water wells, it does leak and it does affect the earth's climate. and it's true that burning methane releases least carbon dioxide than burning an equivalent amount of coal, but the methane itself is a greenhouse gas and fugitive methane emissions, in excess of only a few percent, removes the regular tiff advantages of natural gars -- relative advantages of natural gas. aside were issues of climate and health, leaked methane represents lost royalties for the federal government, lost revenue for oil and gas companies. and i know that supporting greater profits for big oil is something that my colleagues should be eager to support. our amendment will help prevent the wasteful leakage of natural gas, will limit avoidable methane emissions and will protect air quality and public health. urge a yes vote on the holt-peters-polis am
in seattle. here in san francisco in today and in los angeles tomorrow he will talk about his economic agenda. he started talking about lifting sanctions on iran. senate majority leader harry senate might pursue stronger sanctions against iran after lawmakers criticized a nuclear accord that would ease sanctions. he called it an important first step but expressed uncertainty whether it would be good enough to meet when we come back, we will take a look at this, see if we need stronger sanctions, he said in an interview today. coming up this evening, our special q&a program will feature .nthropologist robin nagle she will discuss her experience as a sanitation worker in new york city. it starts at 7 p.m. great years ago, i don't think anyone looked at a crystal ball and thought some college campus streaming netflix onto an iphone to watch a movie. this is what is happening out there, we have a huge issues out -- i that technology remember in northwest ohio, depending on the day, if the antenna on top of the house was working right, you got to channels. or maybe you didn't get any channels, bec
, and wants the world. she is really interested. she comes from southern agriculturalnd park outside of los angeles, and she wants new york. she gets an opportunity to go and she stays. she only comes back when her brothers tell her they have raised enough money so she can go to college. >> throughout the program, we will visit the richard nixon patary to learn more about nixon. here is our first stop. here is a little bit more about pat nixon's early years. >> she grew up with very humble beginnings. working a lot of time at the farm. here is an account from 1931. a farm account book. when this years old was happening. she talks about how, at the end here, total deposits, made this -- none made since a year ago, january. this shows you how difficult it was to make a living. made ends meet. as a teenager in the depression, mrs. nixon took on a lot of jobs , from becoming a pharmacist, a personal shopper, she became a model, and she would also do call casting. she actually got on the list from paramount pictures, a corporation, to be annexed to and films. wholeso, as part of this jumping fro
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